Lumiere Institute is one of the oldest and most reputable education centres in Nicosia, Cyprus. Founded in 1981 by Anthoulla Constantinou, Lumiere Institute has, since then, been fulfilling its primary mission of providing foreign language teaching of exceptional quality, and supporting students in reaching their maximum potential in terms of securing a place at university.

Our staff claims scientific expertise in enabling the acquisition of a foreign language, English and French, and developing relevant teaching materials. Our decades-long experience and high level expertise are suitably utilised towards establishing and maintaining academic excellence. We strive for a personalized, challenging and engaging educational experience, based on latest advances in pedagogical theory and research output in second language acquisition. Our stringent requirements on the quality of our staff is reflected by their training at some of the best universities in the world, relevant research experience in world-class institutions, and most importantly, the thousands of students that have successfully graduated from our school with outstanding results in globally recognised and prestigious exams.

On the basis of our first hand experiences as academics at various universities in the UK, and involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate admission panels, we have also been actively guiding students in their journey towards securing a place in higher education. In addition to our English courses that are specifically aimed at preparing students for instruction in English at university level, we provide education consulting services whose primary goal is to advise the student in deciding which course/university to choose and facilitate the entire application process and transition from school to university.

Lumiere Insitute has been awarded the status of a UCAS centre, on the basis of which it can represent students should they wish to apply at a university in the UK. It is also recognised by the Cypriot Ministry of Education as a school conforming to the relevant criteria set out by the Cypriot government. Since 1987, Lumiere Institute is a member of the Cypriot Association of Private Institutes. Lumiere Institute is a registered company.

Meet our team

We are a family-run institute and take pride in it.