Building on first-hand experience in research and teaching intensive universities, Lumiere Institute adopts a unique approach towards education consulting. We believe that striking a balance between a fulfilling and satisfying career and financial security is of utmost importance. Our services aim to equip the student with all the required knowledge to reach a clever decision in terms of their subsequent education and training. We achieve this via devoting our research energy and resources into discovering which are the most promising options for the student by considering the following:

Once the student takes the crucial step of identifying which field of study is most rewarding, we provide further guidance and support in terms of applying at any university in the world, including UK institutions. Our services further include:

  • identification of candidate courses and universities
  • information related to the type of qualifications needed for getting accepted, including language qualifications
  • accurate completion of university applications (e.g. via UCAS)
  • Management of applications once they have been sent
  • securing suitable accommodation
  • accurate completion of student loan and scholarship applications
  • assisting the student in their preparations for moving into a new country and academic institution