In order to maintain high quality standards, Lumiere Institute focuses exclusively on the teaching of English and French. We aim for each student to reach near-native like competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening. As evident from our student results, this can be achieved via placing equal weight on the four basic language skills and employing teaching techniques and know-how that is informed by recent developments in second language acquisition and pedagogical research. This approach is combined with a personalized, and frequently intensive, teaching, depending on the student’s needs and aims.
As is by now well-accepted in the scientific literature, the earlier one is exposed to foreign language input, the easier it is to reach a native like level competence, including high level competence in a language’s phonological system. We therefore have suitably designed courses for very young students, who can then progress to more advanced courses enabling them to perfect their language skills and prepare for internationally recognised exams.
High level language proficiency is by no means impossible for a mature student, as recent research suggests. We therefore also offer English for Adults, which, depending on the level of the student at the start of the course, can last from one to four years.
Finally, with our commitment towards preparing students for academia, we offer courses for the obtaining of a university recognised qualification in English, including IELTS, IGCSE and Pancyprian Exams.